EMTECH HBMC 130 machine is a machining center designed for machining big and heavy prismatic parts as machine-tools beds, columns, tables or headstock cases by milling, drilling and boring operations in CNC mode with ISO 50 tools locked in the boring spindle from machine’s ram. The machine is recommended for machining small and middle series parts with high machining speeds and feeds. The use of high machining speeds and feeds is possible because of machine high rigidity, of spindle speeds until 3000 rpm and using of cooling through spindle system.

The machine consists on the following main parts:

- BED made from 3200 mm modules and fixed in foundation with foundation screws. The bed is made from FcX250 cast iron and it’s configuration gives him high rigidity. The bed modules are assemblied by frontal keys and screws.
X axis is driven by a special system using a spur rack combination with the rack attached an every bed it is possible to extend X axis travel up to any necessary length (X axis travel will be in any cases module of 3200 mm). The X-axis servomotor drives the spur by mean of one Alpha Getriebe precision planetary gear reducer (1:40) and a backlash compensation reducer (1:2) design by Emsil. This solution ensures a high torque for this axis together with a very good dynamic response.

- COLUMN and COLUMN SLIDE, which are displacing on X axis direction through roller type linear guideways (Iko or Rexroth Star) – friction force being very low, are made also by FcX250 cast iron which gives them high rigidity.

The column is fixed on column slide by screws. On column-column slide assembly are fixed a lot of subassemblies such as: electrical cabinets, operator platform, X-axis feed box, hydraulic balancing unit, machine hydraulic unit, machine cooling unit, vertical axis (Y axis) feed mechanism etc.

- RAM SLIDE is moving on column through roller linear guideways (Iko or Rexroth Star) on Y axis direction (these guideways are mounted in vertical position). On ram slide is mounted the ram feed mechanism (W axis)

-  RAM is moving through roller linear guideways (Iko or Rexroth Star), fixed on it, on ram slide carriages on W axis direction. It is made by FcX300 cast iron with a rigid structure. Inside of ram is mounted the boring spindle, the feed mechanism of boring spindle, tool lock assembly and cooling through spindle unit. The boring spindle is displacing on Z axis direction.


For Y, Z and W axis the motors directly drive the ball-screws. Every ball-screws are IT5 precision rolled with adjustable pre-load ball-screws made by Rexroth Star.

The ZF speed box with main spindle motor is fixed on ram. These are transmitting the rotation movement to milling spindle and from this to boring spindle where the tool is fixed.

- DISPLACEABLE ROTARY TABLE (option) is assembled at the end of fix table and is fixed in foundations by foundation screws. The main parts (bed, slide and table) are made of high resistance cast iron. The displaceable rotary tables ensure displacement on U axis direction and rotation on B axis. Maximum weight on table is 15000 daN.

- FIX TABLES (option) are situated in front of machine and their dimension is given by machine configuration.

- AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGE (option) system is made by tool store unit (40/50/60 tools) and tool transfer unit which are fixed on column.

Tool change is made in automatic mode through a double gripper hand. The movements of hand are hydraulically controlled by program. Tool store unit is rotating through a servomotor and a reducer. Tool store and tool change system are fixed on column by supports.

Machine is equipped with GE FANUC 18i-MB CNC or HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530 CNC, motors and drives and HEIDENHAIN external measuring system on each axis.

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