We are pleased to let you know that we can offer – through the agency of our partners – the following BRAND NEW MACHINE-TOOLS, with state-of-the-art equipments and CNC, at your request, in conformity with your specific requirements.

-TCI- TEHNO CONSULT INVEST - www.tehnoconsultinvest.ro

1. Vertical Turning and Boring Mills - all range - turning diameter of 1400mm - 5200mm. - TEHNO CONSULT INVEST (TCI)

- all range - turning diameter of 6000mm - 16000mm. - EMSIL

2. Boring and milling machines - all range, with the main spindle diameter from 110;130;160;180;200;230mm up to 260; 320mm. at customer's special request, in different configurations, in "T"; TABLE TYPE; FLOOR TYPE; work piece height up to 6000mm.


3. Gantry type Longitudinal Milling Machines - all range, starting from table width of 1000mm and table length of 4000mm up to a table width of 4500mm and a table length of 14000mm( with displaceable table or displaceable frame gantry type; with cross-beam or cross-rail, depending on the case).

4. Pipes Threading Machines up to a diameter of 500mm
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5. Machining Centers for Oil Industry parts, medium and large size; elbow bends; T-bends; cock-valves.

6. Deep Drilling Machines, work piece maximum dimensions: over guideways workpiece diameter: 1200mm;boring diameter 280mm(solid)and final bore 4oo mm; length 20.000mm

7. Center Lathes in the following range: over bed diameter from 1600mm to 6300mm;
Over carriage diameter: 1250mm-5000mm
Faceplate diameter :1600mm-4300mm

8. Rotary Table:2000 x2000,20 t;2500 x3000,30t;4000x3000,80 t;4000x5000,100t.

9. Special Machine for Rolling Stock Machining; axles, wheels; bogies.
Power Equipment: wind driven, hydroelectric, oil and gas transport equipment.

10. Center Lathes; Milling Machines, Drilling Machines

11. Electro-spindles, for high speed milling 24.000 rpm; 30.000 rpm


12. Complete solutions for lathes and machining centers type: Self-centering chucks; Rotary Tables

13. Combined systems for tool cooling and lubrication.
-TCI-TECHNO CONSULT INVEST- www.tehnoconsultinvest.ro
- PRECITOOL - www.precitool.de

14. MACHINE-TOOLS MODERNIZATIONS domestic and foreign make- from the range of the machines listed under the title SECOND HAND MACHINE-TOOLS; transformation of the conventional machine-tools into machines with numerical control equipment, provided with state-of-the-art electric, electronic, hydraulic, driving measuring elements.
When addressing your request, you are kindly requested:
- to specify the type of machine to be modernized;
- to make possible the inspection of your machine by our specialists, enabling them to ascertain the actual technical condition.
-a concrete carrying out of the modernization can start following up your request that should include the following elements:
-type of the requested machine;
- technical specification with the main features;
-a very detailed description of the types of parts you intend to machine,
-eventual sketches, drawings, sizes, tolerances that we need for the preparation of the technical-commercial offer, if your inquiry is sufficiently exact.
- another solution would be our visit to your head office for presenting to you our range of machines and the elements that could not be described here. Thus it will be easier for you to formulate your inquiry. This stage does not entail any financial effort from your part.
-it is understood that the eventual contract shall be concluded between you and our partners manufacturers of the machines you are interested in. Our responsibility is manifested starting with the quotation stage, the manufacture progress, commissioning on site, final acceptance, warranty.
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Director www.seprocom.ro